Athens Tree Farm Athens Texas Trees

Life On The Farm

Athens Tree Farm currently houses over 10 thousand Root-Maker certified trees with plenty of room to grow in the future! Our family-owned tree farm sits on a plush, 270 acre landsite located within our 500-plus acreage.

As you can see, there is much more going on around this farm than just growing trees! We have a large fully stocked lake where fishing is as common as kids running through our greenhouses to cool off from the summer heat. The farm is surrounded by wildlife that are just as interested in you as you are in them! You never know what you’ll find hanging out at our farm… One day you might spot a deer grazing on the grassy hillside and the next day an alligator or two on the bank!

Either way, we feel our good ole’ boy farm life is the perfect hide-away where not only you can work, but rest and play all in one day!


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