Benefits of Our Root-Maker® System

Athens Tree Farm is proud to be a Certified RootMaker® Tree Farm using RootMaker® products.

Benefits of Our Root-Maker® System

All trees grown at Athens Tree Farm have been grown from seeds or cuttings in certified Root Maker containers (Designed by Dr. Carl Whitcomb). These unique containers promote prolific root branching at all stages and prevent ALL ROOT CIRCLING! Our thick fibrous energy filled Rootballs allow each tree to grow even faster and better than trees growing in nature.

Athens Tree Farm currently has over 500,000 root-building containers and are continually opening up new fields to grow and sell additional trees.


  • allows roots to ground for greater stability
    allows the root to reclaim water and fertilizer
    allows even moisture distribution
    aerates where it is needed most while conserving water soft sided containers to avoid stem-scarring
    Our Rootmaker containers maintain 25% less heat than typical black smooth containers, which cause heat damage to the root system.